Posted Jan 26, 2008

Here’s some research that may have you reaching for more oatmeal, whole-grain bread and brown rice. A German study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that getting more dietary fiber from whole grains may provide protection against type 2 diabetes. A seven-year study of more than 25,000 adults by the German Institute of Human Nutrition found that the subjects who ate the most cereal fiber (an average of 17 grams a day) had a 27 percent lower relative risk for type 2 diabetes than those who ate the least amount of cereal fiber (7 grams a day).

Eight prior studies have reported a reduced risk of diabetes associated with higher cereal fiber intake. Previous studies have also found that whole-grain consumption was beneficial for people who already have diabetes.

In other studies, the National Cancer Institute found that whole-grain consumption was associated with a slightly reduced risk of colorectal cancer. The Iowa Women’s Health Study linked a diet high in whole grains with a lower incidence of inflammatory diseases.

Date: Nov 29, 2008

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