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Drysol – Maximum Strength Topical Antiperspirant

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Product Description


Drysol is a unique topical antiperspirant that uses anhydrous ethyl alcohol and aluminium chloride hexahydrate to treat excessive sweating. Once applied, the product provides 72-hour wetness protection and is effective in treating all types of perspiration problems. You can use Drysol™ in areas like the scalp, feet, underarms, and hands to prevent sweating. It reduces perspiration by 30% in volume and works 98% of the time. If you are having a tough case of sweating, Drysol is the most recommended product you could use to solve your problem. You can choose this product from its three strengths depending on the toughness of your case: Drysol Extra Strength 20% ACH is ideal for hyperhidrosis, Drysol Regular 12% ACH is good for moderate cases, while Drysol Mild 6.25% ACH Dab-On is recommended if you have more sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of Drysol?

This product gives you a number of benefits and is the #1 doctor recommended antiperspirant that you can choose if you are battling excessive sweating. It works to treat all types of perspiration cases and provides maximum sweat control, which is made possible by the presence of Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH). Some of the benefits you should expect while using Drysol are listed below:

• ACH offers a 98% efficacy in controlling sweat.
• ACH has been proven clinically to be the most effective ingredient, better than any active ingredient contained in antiperspirants.
• ACH works swiftly by creating a plug in the skin pore to stop sweating
• You will not suffer the risk of skin irritation when you use Drysol™ on dry skin, which makes it a better alternative to aluminium chloride preparations.
• Drysol is also the most affordable product you will find that effectively controls excessive sweating. A bottle can last up to 4 months.

How Drysol works to stop sweating

Drysol that is applied on your skin creates a plug within the pore. This plug forms inside and at the entrance of the pore. . The plug solidifies in the pore to prevent sweating. It will remain in position and gets shed off every three days when you do reapplication.



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Drysol Mild 6.25% Dab-On
Ingredients: contains Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) 6.25% w/v

Drysol Regular 12% Dab-On
Ingredients: contains Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) 12% w/v

Drysol™ Extra Strength 20% Dab-On
Ingredients: contains Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) 20% w/v

Drysol™ Extra Strength 20% Dab-On
Ingredients: contains Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) 20% w/v

Drysol™ Extra Strength 20% Solution
Ingredients: contains Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) 20% w/v

Drysol is safe and easy to use when applied only once a day for the first 3 days, and only every 72 hours thereafter compared to the daily use of regular antiperspirants.

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