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Lomelin is a product that comes with a combination of proven and natural ingredient that help to brighten the skin’s appearance and carb effects of hyperpigmentation. It is a unique, non-prescription, and gentle skin brightening cream. Hyperpigmentation occurs where patches of the skin darken in contrast with the surrounding skin. This effect is caused by excess melanin, which forms deposits to create dark spots. You could experience the production of excess melanin during pregnancy, or due to ageing, but when that happens, you don’t need to worry as you could use Lomelin to restore your skin. Lomelin helps you to feel and look younger by controlling the production of melanin, a process that improves the tone of your skin while reducing age spots.

Key ingredients:
Lomelin contains 2 clinically proven ingredients that work together to reduce the appearance of dark spots that develop due to sun exposure. It contains 2% Alpha Arubutin and 5% Melaslow. Alpha Arubtin is a derivative of hydroquinone that comes with positive suppressing effects that act on melanin production, and it does not have any side effects. It helps to reduce skin melanization by 24%. Melaslow is a citrus peel extract that reduces melanization by 28%.

Benefits of Lomelin 

Many alternative products can be irritating to the skin and sometimes you have to go for expensive laser treatments that come with lengthy recovery periods. With Lomelin™, you get all the benefits as highlighted below:
• Safe on your skin
• Natural ingredients
• Affordable
• Effective
Some skin brightening creams contain chemical agents that cause irritation, dry skin, puffiness, and redness among other allergic reactions. Lomelin™ contains natural ingredients that are gentle and safe on the skin and does not present these serious side effects. You only need to apply the product twice daily, at night and in the morning. The results will show gradually and you will notice an improvement in about 6 weeks.

Lomelin Skin Brightening Cream is a unique formulation with 2 clinically proven active ingredients.

They work together to noticeably reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation which develops as we age and as a result of sun exposure.

2% Alpha Arbutin

5% Melaslow

2% Alpha Arubtin

A new more gentler derivative of hydroquinone with all the positive suppressing effects on melanin production without any harsh side effects

Reduces skin melanization by 24% compared to non-treated skin (1)

5% Melaslow

A nature-based citrus unshiu peel extract

Reduces skin melanization by 28% compared to non-treated skin (2)

Lomelin fits easily into any skin care routine. Apply Lomelin™ twice per day, morning and night, to the required area(s). Sunscreen should be used.

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