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Wildflower Cinnamon Creamed Honey 300g

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Cinnamon Creamed Honey is produced sustainably in the small town of Orono, Ontario.

About Cinnamon Creamed Honey 

The combination of Cinnamon and Honey has long been cited as a natural booster for immune systems, heart and cardiovascular health, digestive issues and for weight loss. It’s also been linked to healthy skin, teeth, hair and bones.  Whatever you use it for, above all else it’s absolutely delicious.  In the early 1930’s an innovative beekeeper first had the idea to grind down these solidified honey crystals, and mix them back into liquid honey that had yet to crystallize.  The result is raw creamed honey that consistently stays in a smooth creamy texture and that won’t become fully solidified in your cupboard. Popularly eaten on toast, this creamed honey also goes fantastic with baked apples, in tea or as a glaze on roasted root vegetables.

About Wildflower Honey Co.

Wildflower honey is owned and operated by beekeepers Benjamin and Brianna in the small town of Orono, Ontario. Wildflower honey is passionate about the health of bees and the importance of Apis  Mellifer, locally produced and easily traced.

Ingredients: 100% RAW honey, Cinnamon


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