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1): Low maintenance/Tonic:

Take 1-2 oz per day. Either early AM (wait ½ hour before eating) OR last thing at night. Continue as long as desired.

2): Cleansing and Detoxifying:

Take 2 ozs twice daily. Best ½ hour before breakfast and at bedtime, OR ½ hour before any meal.

3): When health is compromised.

Take 3 ozs twice daily. Best ½ hour before breakfast, and at bedtime, OR ½ hour before any meal.

4): For situations that do not respond: (Severe problem)

It may be necessary to take the 3 ozs of the tea 3 or even 4 times per day, 1/2 hour before a meal, and at bedtime.

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Product Description

How Flor-Essence works

1- Flor Essence & its actions:

Flor-Essence Tea is a “CELLULAR” cleanser and detoxifier. This means it cleanses and detoxifies every single cell in the body; breaking down, and removing ALL cells that are foreign to the body:

Waste cells (bacterial, viral, and fungal cells); mutated cells; toxic cells; as well as dead cells and waste cellular or metabolic material.

Flor*Essence will, with the help of the body, break down these substances and bring them to where the body can get rid of them.

2- Why water is so important:

This activity in conjunction with drinking lots of water helps our cells to function better. Every cell in our bodies needs the rinsing, and therefore the cleansing qualities of water. It helps the cells get rid of metabolic waste materials that they throw off during their daily functioning.

If we do not drink pure, plain water, these wastes CAN create more problems, and can even change the normal functioning method of the body. The normal method is aerobic, and it is the best way a normal, healthy body will work. Wastes that block and pollute, create an anaerobic environment, and this is the type of environment that defective cells prefer, and in which they will thrive.

Chemo, radiation and all drug medications are not cellular matter. They do NOT have a cellular structure. They cannot reproduce themselves. Rather, they are substances that will throw the body out of balance.

Since medications are not cellular in nature, Flor*Essence, in a sense, does not “see” them, and therefore will also not interfere with any benefits they may offer.

Most of the healthy cells in the body can and will regenerate, if there are enough of them and the body is not too exhausted. Flor*Essence brings the body back into balance, starting a rebuilding and re-education process, so there is the potential for restoration. Keep in mind that Flor*Essence is an herbal remedy, and as such, although it is very effective, it can take time. So perseverance is needed.

3- What help can result:

It is not possible for us to tell WHO will benefit the most from Flor*Essence, as everybody is different and responds to things individually, depending on the severity of the problem, as well as the life style, foods eaten, other medicines and/or therapies taken, and of course the attitude and determination to take the tea properly.

Dr Charles Brusch, MD, Rene Caisse’s partner and co-worker in research stated many times publicly and otherwise that the functions of the tea are many in cleansing toxins from the body gently and safely, and addressing damage to the body, as well as boosting the immune system, so that all organs can function better.

It is difficult to identify how long it will take before you notice a measurable difference in your health after starting on Flor*Essence. There are many factors involved, but usually some benefits are noticed within three to six weeks, providing it is taken consistently. There can be a short period when weakness, or nausea may be felt. This is when the body is discharging toxins and poisons that have been gathered, and getting rid of them. Persevere and this will pass.

4- Positive signs:

Although everyone responds individually to Flor*Essence, there are many positive signs of help that encourage:

– Sleep patterns may improve, as it is a natural sedative, and calms the body.

– Bodily functions, such as elimination, may normalize themselves.

– The pain level may reduce or disappear altogether.

– Appetite may improve as taste buds, diminished by treatment, are restored.

– Outlook in life may become more positive, giving you a sense of “well-being”.

– Energy may increase, as the detoxifying takes place.

– Test results, although not conclusive, may also show improvement.

5- Life style changes that can help:

Making lifestyle changes is also beneficial to the process of cleansing.

Develop a more healthy environment:

– Maintain a natural and healthy diet, try to avoid certain foods that “clog” the body (fried foods, sweet and sticky foods). These all contain sugars, and other valueless carbohydrates, as well as hydrogenated fats, and almost no nourishment.

– Eat lots of deeply coloured vegetables, and fruits, whole grains (cooked like rice), and legumes (dried peas and beans) – – Focus on foods that are high in fibre and good nutrition.

– Make wise and sensible food choices, be logical, not fanatical. Eat good, plain and wholesome foods.

– Drink lots of water; get lots of rest, a sensible amount of exercise and fresh air.

The amount of Flor*Essence any given individual can take is different. Following are the amounts, given the different circumstances people can be dealing with, but even these amounts can vary from individual to individual.

The most important point to remember is that each person is in charge of his or her own health, as is everyone on earth. No doctor, or otherwise helpful person – such as myself – knows what is going on in your body the way you do. It is your responsibility to learn what the signs and symptoms mean, and how to change negative ones to positive ones with naturally available foods, beverages, and supplements.


6- Suggested Usage Amounts of Flor*Essence

– Always dilute the Flor*Essence with the same or double amount of – preferably – hot water

– Always take until signs of permanent improvement are seen.

— People have been known to stay on the tea for years.

– In most instances individuals will need to be guided by what the results they experience.

– Measurements: 1 oz = 30 mls = 2 TBSP

7- Reports from people taking more than 6 ozs per day:

– Many people have contacted us after the fact and have told us that they or their loved ones have experienced major benefits, including the reduction in size, or complete disappearance of abnormal growths, when they took enough of the tea for a long enough period of time.

– Some people have taken up to 12 ozs per day in 3 or 4 separate doses. Always diluted with at least the same amount of hot water, and sipped slowly.

– As well, they made sure to drink AT LEAST 2 quarts (litres) of pure plain water every day. They explained that this helped flush out the toxins and poisons the tea released.

8- Poultice/compress and other uses:

The tea can be used as a poultice or compress, since it can be absorbed through the skin:

– Saturate some 100% cotton gauze or flannelette with the liquid tea and place it over the affected areas.

– The sediment left over from straining the tea can also be a part of the compress.

– Several smaller cloths rather than one large one may be needed, depending on the situation.

– Cover this poultice with something to prevent staining clothes or bedding.

– Leave it on for as long as desired, making sure it remains moist.

– Try to retain the heat while it is on.

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Burdock root* (Arctium lappa), sheep sorrel herb* (Rumex acetosella), slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra), watercress herb (Nasturtium officinale), Turkish rhubarb root* (Rheum palmatum), kelp* (Laminaria digitata), blessed thistle herb* (Cnicus benedictus), red clover blossom* (Trifolium pratense). Contains no caffeine, preservatives or colourants.

* certified organic.

Directions and Suggested Use:
For complete directions and effective use of this product, see package insert. Each packet in this box makes 1 litre (32 oz.) of tea when prepared as directed.

Keep out of the reach of children. Store box in a dry, cool place.

How much to take?

Flor•Essence can be purchased ready-made or be prepared at home. Take on its own or as a tea by diluting the amount listed below with an equal or double amount of hot or cold water. Use spring or distilled water when preparing. Sip slowly.

Adults: Take 2 ounces of Flor•Essence twice daily.

Children: (4 and up): Give 1 ounce of Flor•Essence twice daily.

Note: Take on an empty stomach, 1 /2 hour before any meal, and at bedtime. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 weeks. Flor•Essence can safely be taken during chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Powerful cellular regenerator and detoxifier

This may mean using a heating pad over the poultice, but separated from it by plastic or another water proof material.

Flor-Essence has also been used as a vaginal douche, and an enema with astonishing results. There is a documented success story of it being put into the bladder via a catheter to deal with abnormal growths in the bladder.

Therapeutic Use: Abnormal cell, Tumors, Detoxification

More info: Manufacturer’s Website

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