K-Citra – For Potassium Depletion

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K-Citra is an approved treatment for potassium depletion (hypokalemia) that also helps to reduce kidney stone formation. The medication makes urine less acidic and this effect helps in getting rid of uric acid to prevent kidney stones and gout. It could also be used to prevent and treat some metabolic problems that result from having kidney disease. K-Citra is available in two formats, solution and tablets. The tablets offer potassium citrate that comes with high tolerability to prevent stomach discomfort, while the solution is made up of mild tasting potassium citrate liquid, which is suitable for geriatric or pediatric use. Like with any other drugs, you have to observe dosage guidelines as shown below:

Dosage instructions
• To prevent hypokalemia, take 2 – 4 tablets divided in doses daily
• To treat hypokalemia, take 4 – 6 tablets divided in doses daily
Generally, you should not exceed 10 tablets daily, and you should only take the medication with or after meals.
For the K-Citra® solution, it’s recommended to take between 10 and 20 mL daily in 2 – 4 doses for prevention, and if your intention is treatment the dosage should be between 20 and 50 mL in 2 – 5 doses.

What are the benefits of K-Citra?

You will get more than just treatment for potassium depletion when you consume K-Citra®. It is a potassium citrate supplement preferred for its high tolerability and the fact it will not cause much stomach discomfort like many other supplements. It works well to help hypertensive patients who are on thiazide therapy. Some of the benefits you will note include:
• Easy to swallow tablet format available
• For a convenient titration of dose each tablet gives you 10 mEq K+
• The liquid format provides a quick response
• K-Citra® solution is perfect for geriatric patients who would prefer the liquid format
• Mild tasting so you can dilute in any beverage for convenient intake

K-Citra potassium citrate supplement is available in two convenient formats:

K-Citra Tablets: Each slow-release tablet contains 1080 mg potassium citrate (10 mEq K+)

K-Citra Solution: Each 5 mL (teaspoon) contains 1080 mg potassium citrate (10 mEq K+)

Directions / Dosage

K-Citra Tablets

For hypokalemia prevention: 2-4 tablets daily in divided doses

For hypokalemia treatment: 4-6 tablets daily in divided doses

It is recommended not to exceed 10 tablets per day. Take with or after meals.

K-Citra Solution

For hypokalemia prevention: 10-20 mL daily in 2-4 divided doses

For hypokalemia treatment: 20-50 mL daily in 2-5 divided doses

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