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BioSil works through your body’s natural pathways and has consistently shown its safety and effectiveness for collagen regeneration and improved appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Collagen is an essential building block of your body, making up 70% of your skin and 30% of your bones. With BioSil’s natural silicon ingredient you can have thicker, shinier hair and nails, and also help the health of bones and joints.

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Regenerate Collagen with BioSil

BioSil’s active ingredient is orthosilicic acid which helps the body to naturally regenerate collagen naturally. This lets you benefit from healthy joints, beautiful skin, stronger nails, increases bone density, healthy hair, and reduced absorption of aluminium.

BioSil Is one of a kind.

Silicon is a structural molecule and is the key building block for skin, nails, and collagen. The lack of silicon in the body starts to weaken hair, nails, and skin. These are just the first symptoms to show up before more serious issues arise.

The outer shaft of hair is rich in silicon. When your take BioSill you’ll notice an improvement in just a few weeks. Silicon plays an important role in the maintenance of our bones and joints. It is essential for increasing our collagen levels and also benefits the absorption of calcium. Silicon helps to keep the joints hydrated, helping to promote the elasticity of the connective tissue.





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Medicinal Ingredients

Silicon (as Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) (ch-OSA)… 6 mg
One capsule is equivalent to 6 drops of BioSil™ liquid.
Choline chloride, vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, water) with microcrystalline cellulose, water.


2 capsules daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.
Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keep out of reach of children.

This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners; corn, dairy, soy, starch, wheat or yeast.

Preferred Nutrition WomenSense BioSil FAQs

How much choline is in BioSil™?

A Preferred Nutrition BioSil™ capsule contains 120mg of elemental choline.  One capsule of BioSil contains the equivalent of 6 drops of liquid BioSil – therefore there is 20mg of elemental choline in 1 drop of BioSil.

I want to take your BioSil in liquid form, but I am Diabetic and can’t take it in juice. Can I use water instead?

Of course! Juice is just our recommendation to help hide the taste of the liquid form of BioSil™. You can take it in water, or even straight if you prefer.

I heard that it is better to take BioSil™ with food?  Is this correct?

With regards to taking BioSil™ with or without food – the choice is entirely up to you.  It does not require to be taken with a meal for better absorption, nor does it need to be taken on an empty stomach to be effective.  As long as a person is taking the product consistently, then results will be seen.

Why does BioSil have such a strong fishy smell and sometimes taste?

It is the choline in Biosil™ that has the characteristic “fishy’ smell. The choline however is NOT derived from fish (or other animals). Biosil™ is free of common allergens and is suitable for vegetarians (even vegans). Choline is the ideal stabilizer and transporter for OSA, plus it’s essential for building cells. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and offers protection against homocysteine mediated breakdown of collagen (homocysteine damages collagen and choline tames homocysteine).

Do you know of any side effects or interaction problems with BioSil™?

Over $10 million has been spent reserching and developing “choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®), the active compound in BioSil.  Both the safety and the efficacy of ch-OSA® was confirmed in rigorous pre-clinical and clinical studies, conducted by independent research teams at several universities.  Many of these studies have been published in top medical journals.  In these clinic trials there were no side effects reported which were related to ch-OSA®.  At present, there are no indications that BioSil interacts with other dietary supplements or drugs.

Can’t I just apply BioSil topically?

BioSil™ is intended to be taken orally.  We advise against taking this product topically for a few reasons:

1/ The concentrated drops have a very low pH (and as indicated on the bottle, it is very important to keep the liquid away from the eyes).

2/ There are no studies performed on topical application.

3/ Taking BioSil™ orally stimulates collagen production globally throughout the body whereas topical application would be more limiting.

4/ Topical application may leave a choline odour on the skin (however taking the product orally does not cause any odours).

I have a new bottle of BioSil 30ml and it states that I should take 5 drops, twice a day. My old bottle said 6-10 drops once per day. Which is right?

Either way is fine – you should take up to ten drops per day, in whichever method suits you the best.

What is “orthosilicic acid”?

It is the only bioavailable (readily usable by the body) form of silicon. Orthosilicic acid is absorbed directly through the gastrointestinal wall and distributed through the body in the bloodstream.

Can men take BioSil™?

BioSil™ is effective for both men and women.  Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) works primarily by activating the biological pathways responsible for generating collagen.  The physiological processes activated by ch-OSA® are the same in both men and women.  Ch-OSA® also helps protect collagen from being damaged by homocysteine, the same way in both men and women.  Collagen is formed is the same manner by both sexes.  The difference between the sexes mostly relates to the amount of collagen in skin, bones, joints and when the signs of collagen loss become visible.  Men start with more collagen, and that is one of the reasons why the signs of aging take longer to be visible in men compared to women.  Men’s collagen loss is linear (even) throughout their life; whereas women generally lose less collagen per year than men until about the age 50. After 50 (i.e. post-menopausal) women’s collagen levels do drop dramatically. Although the signs of aging on hair, skin, nails, bones and joints become apparent at different times on both men and women, the major underlying cause is the same – collagen loss.

Oops!!  I received my BioSil™ (liquid) order in the mail from my online health food store, but it sat overnight in winter cold temperatures in the mailbox! Can I still use it?

Yes, you can – our studies show that even at -20 degress C (-4 degrees F) BioSil™ remains perfectly fine.  Please note that BioSil™ liquid is not a crystal clear product – it is slightly opaque (or cloudier) than water, and it is a little thicker than most liquid beverages.

Is BioSiol gluten free?

Yes, we can confirm that BioSil is gluten free.

In one study, 50 women with sun damaged skin took BioSil™ or a placebo tablet for 20 weeks. At the end of the trial, women taking BioSil™ showed significant improvements in skin smoothness and strength, and in nail and hair strength.3 In yet another study, BioSil™ supplementation for nine months increased hair thickness, elasticity and strength in women with fine hair.4

Collagen: Generate It – Don’t Eat It

It’s important to note that BioSil™ is not made out of collagen. Instead it triggers the body to generate   its own collagen. There’s a big difference. When you ingest collagen, the human body breaks it down and uses it as food. By contrast, BioSil’s™ patented ch-OSA complex is absorbed by the body, where it acts to promote the production of collagen, boosting your body’s collagen levels, and slowing the loss of this essential building block that occurs with age.  As a result, BioSil™ provides superior support for stronger, healthier and thicker hair; stronger nails; fewer fine lines and wrinkles and denser and more flexible bones.

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