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transform+ Strawberry (891g) Discontinued

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This product has been discontinued. 

To aid in weight loss, Alphapure whey protein both increases the metabolic rate and decreases appetite, while supplying the body with a highly bioavailable protein source for building muscle. Soy protein has been shown to increase the metabolic rate thereby improving caloric use, fat burning and energy levels. Soy protein is also a great source of naturally occurring isoflavones that help protect the body from the symptoms related to aging. When taken before meals, the greens+ component of transform+ reduces cravings triggered when the body requires nutrients for subsistence. The addition of the award-winning greens+ also ensures your body has the nutrients it needs to make optimal use of the proteins. As an added benefit greens+ improves energy and increases your sense of well-being. Feel better: internal transformation.

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Product Description

Everybody’s transformation goals are different. Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, or to build or maintain muscle, transform+ gives you the balanced support you need. With transform+ you look and feel better, inside and out. etc..Satisfaction Guaranteed or you get the product price back! Trying to make a change for the better? Why not a complete transformation from the inside out? You can do it with transform+. Look better: external transformation. transform+ is a safe, natural product for the long term improvement of your body – whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, build or maintain muscle. Protein is key in building lean body mass (bones and muscle, not fat) and in losing excess weight (fat). transform+ contains an innovative combination of the unique Alphapure whey protein (found exclusively in our products), non-GMO soy protein and the award-winning greens+. Increasing your intake of high quality proteins like those found in transform+ will, all things being equal, transform your body into one with less fat and more muscle.

Internal health is even more important than external appearance. You can’t look healthy if you don’t feel great. That’s why slowing the aging process, improving energy and strengthening the immune system are important additional benefits of transform+: Slowing the aging process and maintaining health involves shifting the balance between two opposite forces of the body – the positive anabolic rate (the rate of building up and growth of muscle mass and bone density), and the negative catabolic rate (the rate of the body breaking down). As we age, the catabolic rate naturally increases until eventually it overtakes the anabolic rate and we begin to age at the cellular level. Consuming high quality proteins, like those found in transform+, increases the anabolic rate and thus reduces the rate of cellular breakdown and premature aging. Using a unique filtration process, the Alphapure whey protein found in transform+ has 3 to 4 times the alpha lactalbumin levels of other whey proteins. This makes it a perfect source of protein – instantly bioavailable and highly anabolic. More info: Manufacturer’s Website

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