Posted Nov 24, 2012

TAKE VITAMINS During the long winter months when the risk of falling prey to colds is at its highest, taking a daily multivitamin can really work wonders.

Pills containing zinc and vitamin C will both help to keep colds at bay.

Research shows that zinc, which is found in meat, eggs and seafood, will also help you get back on your feet quickly if you are struck by a cold.

GET YOUR DAIRY FIX Milk and dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt will give immune systems a boost against winter stresses.

These hit colds with a mix of vitamins A and B12 while their calcium content will help keep bones strong.

Go for low-fat options and skimmed milk to avoid piling on the pounds.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF Stress can really take its toll on your body so make sure you get plenty of rest this winter.

Treat yourself to a warm bath at night and you’ll be well on your way to warding off those colds.

Lack of sleep makes you more prone to infection so don’t feel guilty about lying in on cold winter mornings.

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