Posted May 6, 2014

By Natural Vitality Living

Dying of smoothie boredom? Adding one of these simple ingredients to your smoothie will turn it upside down, and your taste buds along with it. And they’re all super healthy, of course.

Black pepper: While it may seem odd at first thought to add spicy pepper to a fruit smoothie, it actually counters the sweetness in a refreshing way. In tropical climates a hot ingredient is often mixed with a sweet ingredient like fruit. Try adding pepper to a mango, strawberry or pineapple smoothie. Ground pepper will be less noticeable; peppercorns will give more of a kick.

Jicama: Sometimes referred to as the Mexican potato, jicama’s mild nutty texture lends itself to just about any smoothie recipe. This root vegetable is very high in fiber and vitamin C. Simply peel it, cube it and toss it in the blender.

Basil: The pungent flavor of these dark green leaves lends a savory accent to smoothies, rounding out sweetness. Try it with lighter smoothies, such as cantaloupe and ice or strawberries and watermelon. A lot goes a long way with basil, so start with a few leaves.

White beans: Your first response might be “Gross!” But mild white beans can replace protein powders and add fiber to smoothies with surprisingly good results. Try adding a tablespoon or two of cooked beans to smoothies, with lots of ingredients like nut milk, banana and blueberries.

Pumpkin: Add a cup of canned or cooked pumpkin to ice, nut milk, pumpkin pie spice and stevia for a delicious pumpkin pie smoothie. Pumpkin is packed with fiber and vitamins and minerals to boot.

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