Kefir Starter Culture (Two 5gram packets (1/3 ounce total) Makes a total of 2 Litres (2.1Quarts) + Intructions (Kefir Grains) DISCONTINUED

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Makes 2 Litres (2 Quarts) Kefir is a natural probiotic. It contains live active cultures of normal flora that will actually repopulate your digestive tract and aid in digestion.

Kefir is superior to yogurt because yogurt is made with transient, less potent bacteria. The bacteria in yogurt will last a few days in the digestive tract, and you need to keep reintroducing them. Kefir contains more organisms than yogurt, and the “normal flora” in kefir is made of vary strong strains of micro organisms (unlike yogurt) which will help to over take pathogenic organisms that have taken over.

Kefir will repopulate the digestive tract with good organisms. It is considered to be the more natural way to add good bacteria to the digestive tract. In addition, living strains are superior to any capsules that might contain organisms that have been dried. The cultures on Kefir are active and growing when they enter your body. They thrive in dairy and use up the lactose and partially digest the proteins, making it a product that most people can ingest and will benefit from. Even people with milk sensitivities can usually drink Kefir. These strong strains of digestive bacteria will also culture coconut water from young coconuts or any milk product.

How to make Kefir: Heat 1 quart milk to boiling then cool to room temperature. Dissolve 1 starter packet in a small amount of the cooled milk. Pour this back into the remaining milk and stir. Place in a covered clean glass container and let stand at room temperature or place in a Kefir Maker until curds form (about 24 hours at room temperature or 8 to 12 hours in a Kefir Maker) then refrigerate. For extra value, a 1/4 cup of finished Kefir may be substituted for a starter packet.

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