De-gunk your body of holiday food & renew your vitality and energy! Imagine hitting the reset button and feeling more alive, recharged, and renewed. This whole foods based program allows you to Recharge, Nourish & Reset your body in 11 days.


A Cleanse does not ever mean you are deprived.

A Cleanse does not mean you have to fast.

A Cleanse does not mean you have to live on Smoothies, Soups & Green Juice.


A Cleanse actually means you will…


Rev up your metabolism

Uncover hidden food allergies that may be keeping you feeling tired Balance your hormones

Lose weight effortlessly

Improve digestion & regulate your bowels

Enhance Hormone symmetry

Reduce cravings

Lower stress


And that means you will NEVER AGAIN dwell on calories because you will finally have the blueprint for your health. You will know what foods are right for your unique body in my proven 3 step method to detoxing in a safe and natural way with whole foods.

No gimmicks, just quick results.


Join us for this adventure and say goodbye to the toxins,

excess weight & inflammation & say hello to simple weight loss,

simple detoxification & a fabulous YOU.



11-Day Vitality Cleanse online program starting February 21, 2014!

Early Bird discount $99 until February 11, 2014

$139 after February 11, 2014


You will receive all the Recipes, Shopping Lists, Success Kit, Facebook Group Access, Handouts, Daily Email Support, The Amazing Yoga for Digestion and Beautiful Skin Now Handouts and MUCH more!


Visit for more information and to sign up.



Paulette Johnson, RHN, & Robyn Srigley, NNCP

905-995-1610905-995-1610 or [email protected]

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