Posted July 15, 2013

Just toss in different ingredients and dressings to create some delightful, healthy fare.

A salad a day might also keep the doctor away, going by its nutritional benefits. But if you’re already tired of plain cucumber, tomato and lettuce just tossed in dressing, get a load of these ideas. Say goodbye to the basics with these interesting ingredients and sauces that make for flavor and health. The markets are awash with great seasonal produce…

Try these quick party fixes!

Raw papaya salad

Take raw, papaya (grated), thinly sliced tomato, finely sliced french beans and green chillies, crushed roasted peanuts, sugar, tamarind pulp, chilli powder, soy sauce, lemon juice, chopped coriander and salt. Mix the ingredients and place in the fridge. Serve chilled.

Mixed leaf salad

Wash lettuce leaves, clean and keep the in cold water. Cut cherry tomatoes and apples and add to this.

For the dressing, just whisk mustard, olive oil and honey together. Add salt and crushed black pepper to this. Add cherry tomatoes and apples and toss.

Romaine lettuce

A variety of Greek lettuce, Romaine lettuce is usually used in Caesar salads. Found at all local markets

Toss it with: Pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and crispy chicken.

Dressing used: Light, honey-based vinaigrettes, creamy dill dressing, crushed black pepper and chopped garlic.

Health Benefits: More nutrition than iceberg lettuce.


Considered one of the healthiest foods, kale is a nutritional powerhouse.

Toss it with: Walnuts, feta cheese, sprouts, onions, beans and bok choy.

Dressing used: Pepper, lemon juice, sauted garlic and red chillies.

Health benefits: Kale provides iron, it’s high in vitamins A and K, has antioxidants and is apt for detoxifying.

Red Radish

Toss it with: Snap peas, romaine lettuce, stir-fry dishes and roasted meat.

Dressing used: Mint and lemon salad oil as well as creamy dressing.

Health benefits: This cruciferous vegetable is a natural cleansing agent. It relieves indigestion and is cooling. It is also a great source of vitamin B6 and calcium.

Interesting salad dressings

Raspberry vinaigrette

Can be made quickly. Just blend, raspberry pulp, vinegar, honey and mint leaves. Goes well with apples and feta cheese.

Balsamic and olive oil French dressing

This sweet and tangy dressing is good for roasted meats, fish and barbecued greens. Use: vinegar sugar, ground pepper and oil.

Spicy butter milk dressing

Whisk together some mayonnaise sour cream, buttermilk olive oil, garlic and herbs. Pour it over plain grilled chicken.

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