Posted November 7, 2014

By Natural Vitality Living

A little self-care can go a long way in helping you stay well throughout the holidays and into the New Year. From herbal teas to delicious berries, taking time for your health can be fun and easy. Here are some tips to help you do so:

1. Sip Herbal Tea. There's nothing more soothing than a mug of hot herbal tea. Today there are so many easy ready-to-use teabag options that making tea is a snap. Consider investing in a thermal carafe and make a pot you can pour from throughout the day. Here are some botanicals to look for in grocery store teas:

  • Ginger for warming and digestion.
  • Rose Hips are the fruit of the rose plant and are packed with vitamin C.
  • Elderberries may offer protection against colds.

2. Munch Mushrooms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine culinary mushrooms are prized for their immune-promoting benefits. Buy some of these mushrooms dried and toss them into omelets, soups and stir-fries:

  • Enoki
  • Shiitake
  • Maitake

3. Grab Kiwis and Berries. Yup, kiwis have more vitamin C than oranges and a bevy of other nutrients, plus fiber. The original superfruits, berries are a great way to get health-boosting plant chemicals, called phytonutrients, during the colder months. Consider keeping organic berries in the freezer and use them to top oatmeal or in smoothies.

4. Stay Calm. The more we learn about stress, the more we know how much it can impact our health, such as our immunity. Natural Vitality's Natural Calm magnesium citrate is a great way to literally calm down at the end of each day. Try making a habit of sipping a warm mug of Natural Calm each night and let the magnesium work its magic.

5. Go for Probiotics. We now know that more than 70 percent of the immune system resides in the intestinal tract. Keeping this system healthy by taking probiotics has been shown to boost immunity. Eat foods rich in these healthy bacteria, such as yogurt and raw sauerkraut.

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