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Tom’s Homemade Raw Unsweetened Muesli

Looking for a simple and scrumptious meal that’s packed with protein and fibre? A meal that will keep you full all morning long? Tom’s Homemade Raw Unsweetened Muesli recipe is quick and easy to make (just under 5 minutes). You don’t have to be...

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DIY Natural Bug Repellent

There’s nothing better than a warm summer night... right? That’s until those pesky mosquitos decide to join you for the evening. But fear not, you can make your own DIY natural bug repellent with essential oils: 30 drops of citronella oil Small spray bottle (we carry...

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Keeping Your Beauty Routine Toxic-free

Want you keep your beauty routine toxic-free? We take a lot of care to make sure good ingredients go inside our bodies. But what about the ingredients that go on our skin? Did you know that our skin absorbs about 60% of the topical products we put on? When you start...

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DIY Candles

This is truly one of the EASIEST DIY's and it makes a great gift for family or friends. DIY Candles are much healthier than inhaling many of the toxins found in store bought. This DIY candle takes only ten minutes and the final product is beautiful! You’ll need:...

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Chocolate Peppermint Whey Protein Cookies

These chocolate peppermint whey protein cookies are the perfect way to liven up snack time (or an on the go breakfast). They're packed with protein and are sinfully delicious. Our main key ingredient to these protein cookies is Genuine Health’s Fermented Greek Yogurt...

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How to make Blueberry Protein-Rich Pancakes

Blueberry Protein-Rich Pancakes There is nothing more comforting than waking up to a batch of pancakes. Gone are the days of pancakes that just deliver carbohydrates, now we can have an adult version of our childhood favourite that is protein-rich. Using a whey based...

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